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Our dream is of a Pakistan where people have the right to exercise their freedom, to have the opportunity to utilize available resources and work hard to develop their full potential. 

Our Mission

The political crisis in Pakistan caused by our corrupt leaders who has undermined the bond of trust between the people and the politicians So this cannot, and will not, be a business as usual,..


Please join hands with us , download and fill in membership form to show your interest becoming a member of the party. For more details please call us at
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Stand behind the issues you care about and help us fight for you. Join us and be part of our journey and bring real change for all and shape our country's future.No matter how small or big , your contribution matters !

Profile - Chairman Aamir Choudhry

Amir Choudhry Founder and Chairman of Pakistan People’s Alliance Party
Amir Choudhry is a self-made entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building and scaling global businesses across the Travel Industries, Trans Logistic, financial services, pharmaceuticals, education, and hospitality sectors.
He holds a degree in Business Management and Leadership from Untied Kingdom.
He is truly an international entrepreneur, he feel proud for his achievement to bring Disneyland resort park venture in to Pakistan and worked very close with Pakistan Railway team to introduce top class rail service connected with main cities.
After facing so many herder in completing those project he realised Pakistan lack of political wisdom and leadership, he quickly understood that country needs to go through major reform to bring country to next level and compete with rest of the world.

After launching a political party in 2013 at a time of almost unprecedented international financial uncertainty, the Pakistan People Alliance (PPA) today outlines our vision for the future of Pakistan.
He outline the government and the private sector work together in partnership to grow an economy ripe with opportunities for all, especially for the unemployed Pakistani, who have been denied access to jobs and life changing opportunities.
He will continue to build on its proud history and look forward to the day when our vision for a peaceful, progressive, and prosperous Pakistan.

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