Party Structure
Our dream is of a Pakistan where people have the right to exercise their freedom, to have the opportunity to utilize available resources and work hard to develop their full potential.
Our Mission
The political crisis in Pakistan caused by our corrupt leaders who has undermined the bond of trust between the people and the politicians So this cannot, and will not, be a business as usual,..
Please join hands with us , download and fill in membership form to show your interest becoming a member of the party. For more details please call us at
+44(0) 7944083670
Stand behind the issues you care about and help us fight for you. Join us and be part of our journey and bring real change for all and shape our country's future. No matter how small or big , your contribution matters !


Party Structure

Amir Choudhry

+92(0) 333 519 7914 Pak
+92(0) 334 444 8081 Pak
+44 (0) 7944083670 Uk

Shafeeq Rabbani
Tel: 0753 3052 083

Qazi Saleem
Members of Executive Committee
Tel: 0794 7260 564

Syed Khalid Ahmed
Members of Executive Committee
Tel:0334 4237765 or 0323 4100875
E mail:

Sher Khan Afridi
Members of Executive Committee
Tel: 0753 460 4463