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Our History

Pakistan has gone through a number of changes over the years and has evolved in the process through adapting, developing and innovating to overcome challenges of time. Pakistan's genius has been its ability to renew its promise to succeed and provide opportunities for a better life to its citizen - Pakistan People's Alliance Party's mission is to revive that oath and make the dream a reality.
Pakistan People's Alliance Party was created to respond to the imminent need of a political governance that represents the needs of the common people of Pakistan and not restrict power in the hands of the elite feudal and celebrity figures. Change is the inescapable driver of history in the development of Pakistan. Our party's founder members believed it even then just as we still do now.
Our dream is of a Pakistan where people have the right to exercise their freedom, to have the opportunity to utilize available resources and work hard to develop their full potential. We dream of one nation and one future.

Pakistan People's Alliance Party will continue to build on its proud history and we look forward to the day when we can realize our vision for a progressive and prosperous tomorrow for all.



Our Mission

Moving Pakistan Forward:
The political crisis in Pakistan caused by our corrupt leaders who has undermined the bond of trust between the people and the politicians So this cannot, and will not, be a ‘business as usual’, In this Manifesto we set out plans to address the main future challenges we face in our economy, our society and our politics. We will rebuild the economy to secure the recovery and invest in future growth and jobs.
We will renew our society to further strengthen the communities that bind our country together. and we will restore trust in politics with greater transparency and accountability.
At a time of almost unprecedented international financial uncertainty, the Pakistan People Alliance (PPA) today outlines our vision for the future of Pakistan economy, our new economic policy "Creating Economic Opportunities for All". Our policy will give all Pakistan the opportunity to take charge of their own lives and make the most of their potential.
We see a future in which the government and the private sector work together in partnership to grow an economy ripe with opportunities for all, most especially for the unemployed Pakistani, who have been denied access to jobs and life changing opportunities. In our vision, every citizen of Pakistan has an opportunity to move forward to a more prosperous future. Read More >




Party Structure

Shafeeq Rabbani
President of Pakistan People's Alliance Party
Tel:+44(0) 7533052083

Party Chairman
+92(0) 333 519 7914
+92(0) 334 444 8081

Fairha Ahmed
Leader of Pakistan People's Alliance Party

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Code of Conduct

  How can Pakistan become a developed country?
Fariha Ahmed
International Relation and Economic Development

All political parties make a list of problems faced by Pakistan and state that these need to be corrected. However none of the parties really explain how it can be done. Pakistan People’s Alliance Party believes in
highlighting solutions rather than problems.

The solutions:
Government should develop five major economic targets to work towards these could focus on:

• Increasing economic growth while reducing income inequality. This can be done by using fiscal policies measures through government spending on income generation and creating an enterprise culture (micro banking,
district economy etc). Monetary policy can be used to increase aggregate demand by reducing interest rates. This will encourage firms to invest as the cost of borrowing will be low and also increase spending however there
could be a risk of inflation. The government can control this risk by encouraging supply side measures such as investing in subsidies to increase capacity to reduce price. Read More >


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